INEAST Consulting

INEAST Consulting offers practical support to the management and operational staff of companies to implement their strategies for international expansion.  We structure, guide and implement your sales, purchasing and investment activities in challenging and fast-moving markets.

As an international consulting company based in Bonn/Germany, we facilitate and manage our Clients' access to local expertise in our target markets, apply their high standards and share their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

Make use of our expertise, commitment and rapidly developing network in the EU, Southeast Europe, CIS and China!

Michael Schmidt established INEAST Consulting in September 2013 in Bonn/Germany. He is an international manager, consultant and trained economist with multi-disciplinary background. 

Michael’s key reasons for starting and developing INEAST Consulting were:

  • to facilitate trade, investments and ultimately the interaction of people and the exchange of ideas
  • to support clients in motivating and leading their people to achieve their full potential
  • to make a difference, always exploring new ways and business opportunities

For more information on his academic and professional career and experience, please check Michael Schmidt's short biography.

If you would like to find out more about the founder of INEAST Consulting and his Approach to Consulting, please read the Interview with Mr. Michael Schmidt


Over 200 registered INEAST Consultants, Commercial Agents and Executive Managers share the same motivation and are fundamentally committed to our Clients' success in a chosen market. They are experts in the markets, industry sectors and business areas that are reflected in Our Services

INEAST Consultants can be involved on a full or part-time basis for a given project, providing stratic advice and hands-on support.

INEAST Commercial Agents know best how to market and sell your products and services. They assist you in establishing a distribution network and are interested in a long-term co-operation as sales agents.

INEAST Executive Managers have a proven track-record as managers with top international companies and are looking for new challenges to support your international operations.

 Work with us

Istanbul, Turkey

Business Partner Turkey, Iran, Central Asia
Market entry, operations & project management, investment site selection, start-up management.

Moscow, Russia

Business Partner Russia/CIS
Market entry strategy, product placement analysis, business networks. Specific sector focus - infrastructure, construction, healthcare, retail. 

Christchurch, UK

Business Partner UK
General management with long-standing experience in Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, Caucasus

Kiev, Ukraine

Business Partner Ukraine
Investment and trade financing in Russia, Ukraine and South-Eastern Europe

Geislingen, Germany

Operations manager for the automotive and machine building industry in Germany and Eastern Europe

Erevan, Armenia

International development and agribusiness projects in Russia, Moldova, Central Asia and Caucasus

Moscow, Russia

Trade show consulting and organisation, Marketing & Sales in Russia and internationally

Sibiu, Romania

Operations and start-up manager in the automotive, textile, construction machinery industries in Germany and Eastern Europe

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Business Partner Slovenia
Consultant and project manager exprienced in the IT and financial services industries in Slovenia, Croatia, BiH and Serbia

Almaty, Kazakhstan / Moscow, Russia

Trade show consulting and organisation, Marketing & Sales in Central Asia and CIS

Novi Sad, Serbia

Expert in the energy sector in South-Eastern Europe with focus on renewables, biomass, and energy efficiency

Burgas, Bulgaria / Bonn, Germany

Sourcing, supplier development and procurement in Eastern Europe and Germany. Main industries: automotive, aerospace & defence, transport & logistics.

Dinslaken, Germany

Senior advisor for the chemical industry, ecology and transport & logistics in Germany and Central and Eastern Europe

Belgrade, Serbia

Business Partner South-Eastern Europe
Project management, market research and HR recruitment. Industry focus: machine building, IT, wood & furniture industry

Bonn, Germany

Commercial Agent
Sales specialist for food products, agricultural commodities, retail & horeca, trade show consulting. Main markets: D-A-CH, Russia, UK, India, UAE

Erevan, Armenia

Business Partner Armenia
Project management, market research with focus on the energy sector.

Jinan, China / Bonn, Germany

Commercial Agent
Consultant and sales specialist for China specialised on the construction materials and food-processing industries


We co-operate wiht over 150 innovative and export-driven companies in Southeast Europe, CIS and beyond. Together with institutional partners, such as export and investment promotion agencies and industrial clusters and associations, we launched the  INEAST Export & Supply Forum.

The registration of companies started on 31th May 2017 and is open for all export- and innovation-driven companies and our clients. Register for free using the link below!

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